Although it was raining cats and dogs, Justin Bieber managed to draw in a versatile audience on Sunday 14th May 2017 at his #PurposeWorldTour at the FNB Stadium in Soweto where our very own DJ Sketchy Bongo was the official opening act.

I must say for a concert that was on a Sunday the attendance was quite impressive let alone the number of parents who drove their kids to the concert who by the way ended up jamming and singing along to Bieber’s songs. Getting to the venue was quite a mission as there was hectic traffic you’d swear the entire South Africa went there to see Bieber.

After almost an hour of being on traffic , we got on the venue rushing through as we could hear that Bieber has already started his performance luckily we were told he just performed 2 songs.

Now despite the traffic that actually got two roads closed, the weather was a bit of a bummer cause it was raining and the worst of it all was how weak the security was – I don’t know know how many gates we had to pass through without being checked if the tickets were valid but we got in anyway cause we had nothing to worry about. What later hit our minds was, “what if thugs come in here dressed all nice and steal people’s belongings and young kids as well?” but anyway we haven’t learnt anything bad about the concert.


Walking to our suite felt like we on Amazing Race. It was such a mission finding the lounge that time people are screaming their lungs out, but we eventually got there to a very warm and welcoming reception and already then the food was smelling scrumptious to the nines and we couldn’t hold back but first? It was the DRINKS, yes we had to quench the thirst after all that running. Overall the concert was of world class!  and how can you not enjoy  if you in the VVIP Suite lounge with access to unlimited WIFI?


Pictures by @Yanga_nm


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