This past sunday i was invited along with my 3 readers by the Flying Fish  team  X SMB one the coolest squadS in Durbs to their #FlavourSunday Luncheon. It was the first time they hosted it in Durban. Knowing how cool Flying Fish events are,  when i received the invite i did not even hesitate to RSVP because i know awesome their events are.


Comes Sunday i met up  with my  people we head to Freedom Cafe situated in St Mary’s , although we were almost lost because i have never been to this place but i must say its one of those not so known gems in Durban, its has that very chilled ambience surrounded by trees and birds chirping.


Soon as we entered we were welcomed with Flying Fish drinks and directed to the photobooth. Averall the event was dope, great networking and exchange of ideas took place, the food was very succulent from the starters to the orange meringue.

Kudos to the Flying Fish Team For Such lekker #FlavourSunday



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