Brandon Leo

What pushed you to start making music?
Like any last born my older brother had the most influence in my life and making of music. He was also a rapper so I would quote his lyrics and try to change a few lines so I can have a deed of owning a song too.

When did you start and how long have you been making music?
I’d like to say I started when I was 11 but the truth is I first owned a song at the age 7. My big brother, Blstk, helped me write my first official track although I just wasn’t at the stage of recording or even understanding what Hip Hop is. Overall though I’ve been rapping serious since 2009 so its been 7 years.

Who are your musical influences?

My biggest influence has to, and always will be the real slim shady Eminem, Drake, Tumi, J Cole, 2 pac and a spice of everyone else.

How  would you describe your  sound?

My sound is a spice of lyrical content on top of new age beats. I just believe you need to be heard as an artist and only than people will understand your true potential, I’m just versatile but home is being heard more then being danced to.

Which artists does your music sound similar to?

Honestly I think only my beats sound similar to other artists but my music is a whole may be a bit off the rules of Hip Hop most of the times but don’t get me wrong, I’m really really really a Rapper.

What are some key life experiences that have influenced your music?

I don’t like to mention this a lot but the most life changing experience has to be Nasty C blowing up, From recording with him on a daily, bunking school to go to studio with him, to him having be one of the greatest artists to come out of SA, S/O to the homie for showing that consistency works all the time.
I had a great time chatting to this chap you can follow him on :

Facebook    : Brandon Leo

Twitter        : @BrandonLeoSA

Instagram   : @BrandonLeoSA
You can also downoal his latest mixtape tittled ” TRIANGLES”

SoundCloud   https://soundcloud.com/brandon-leo-125485072/sets/triangles-tape

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