Taking it back to the music with the Back to the Beach hit maker Kyle Deutsch.

Music has always been a part of the of this musicians life as he started singing in a school choir in Junior School. He then started learning to play guitar in High School and playing in a church band that led to him writing his own songs where he says he is inspired by life experiences to write his music.

By profession Kyle is a Chiropractor who is able to find a balance between his music and career. He has been played professional football but his health business and love for music took over as he says “Music is never a guaranteed success so I will encourage people to learn something that can definitely secure them an income there is ways of making music a business but music for me is an art form rather than a business “says Deutsch as he is a great example that talent and education can work hand in hand when put together.


Deutsch is planning on releasing his first album later on this year as he is pushing his latest single “All night” which is doing very well throughout the country and it has been well received by people. The song has also been no 1 on Five FM which means a lot for him and his music.

It’s only been a year since he has put out his music but it’s been received multi culturally where he says he is grateful to the people that have supported him throughout the whole journey. He has also entered South African Idols where he says the competition gave him a platform to put out his music.

He still gets nervous when he gets on stage but he says it’s all about having fun. The song Back to the Beach which Shekhinah has been nominated for Record of the Year at the South African Music Awards shortly known as SAMA’s and people can start voting by dialling *120*72221#.

The song became a massive hit and it still is as it is played in almost every radio station in the country and its in every chart on television it is no doubt that it has done very well. Kyle Deutsch is the name that is here to stay with his talent, his music will be timeless.

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